"Buena Vista" Lavender Oil- L. angustifolia 5 ml.

"Buena Vista" Lavender Oil- L. angustifolia 5 ml.

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Beautiful & Therapeutic True Lavender Oil, Buena Vista stands alone in aroma and benefits

5 ml. bottle



Extremely rich, deep, smooth, warm, and unbelievably sweet floral aroma with absolutely no camphor

  • Highly Therapeutic Top Seller!
  • Buena Vista is rare, a beautiful true English Lavender that rivals any other high quality angustifolia essential oils
  • An absolute must for anyone that calls themselves a lover or connoisseur of true lavender 
  • Just a couple of drops on the temples & forehead inspire relaxation and calm, help relieve headaches, and a terrific insomnia aid
  • 100% Organic
  • Distilled in the summer of 2013

5ml bottle with tamper-evident dropper cap