'Fiona' Organic Lavender and Rose Perfume

'Fiona' Organic Lavender and Rose Perfume

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Pure Attar of Rose oil gently modulated with Organic Lavender makes this most beautiful, and Sensual Perfume

  • Not the aroma of 'Old Lady Rose Perfume', this Organic Roll-on is PURE BEAUTY!



'Fiona' is Pure Organic Sensual Beauty!

  • Organic Lavender Perfume blended with the rare and pure essential Rose oil and Attar of Rose 
  • Sensual, exotic, warm, and absolutely romantic 
  • Like an intimate whisper from a Lover, Sexy and inviting 
  • A must for the lavender and rose lover
  • Note: We use Pure attar of Rose oil in spite of the rising cost of Pure Rose essential oi
  • 4.6ml bottle