Home Transformation Gift Pack

Home Transformation Gift Pack

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Transform your home with All Natural Cleaner, Soap and these other useful, and beautiful Lavender products!



Our Favorite Items!

  • This gift pack has the items that we love, and use every day. 
  • With all the knowledge we consumers are learning about household chemicals, its comforting to know that you have natural and potent choices. The Home Transformation Gift Pack is just that!
  • The All Purpose Cleaner is made from our own distilled Lavender Hydrosol and organic essential oils, All Natural yet very powerful. 
  • The Lavender Foam Hand Wash, Lavender Body Wash with Aloe, Lavender Soap, and Lavender Refreshing Spritzer are all made without sulfates, parabens, or any synthetic products. 
  • All Natural...All Beautiful...and All very Powerful. 
  • Surround your home with the fresh, clean power of pure Certified Organic Lavender!