'It's AROMAnce' Organic Lavender Perfume

'It's AROMAnce' Organic Lavender Perfume

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Our Signature Parfum!

  • Warm, intimate and lushly romantic, a blend of the most beautiful True Lavender oils creating a hypnotic and serene aroma that calms, relaxes and has intensely powerful therapeutic properties.



This extremely sweet and intense perfume is a must for any lavender connoisseur!

  • Organic 
  • Unbelievable warm, floral, and beautiful 
  • A very special blend of several of our own angustifolia lavender oils 
  • Inviting a mood of relaxation and romance, this perfume brings with it calmness and healing due to essentials aroma 
  • Purse size roll-on bottle, this perfume is the perfect "TO-GO-De-Stresser"! 
  • No Animal Testing or Animal Ingredients-EVER!
  • Great for headache relief
  • Gently rubbed on temples, forehead and pulse points is a natural, yet highly effective method of relieving and calming stress and insomnia 
  • Our Parfums are Genuine Natural Aromatic expressions of the beautiful Flower from which they originated and are created in small batches by hand with the highest quality products
  • 4.6ml bottle. Organique Parfum De Lavande 
  • As seen on Natural Living For Women website!