Lavender Reed Diffuser

Lavender Reed Diffuser

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The easiest and no-hands on way to create a living or work environment that has the gorgeous calm, relaxing and beneficial aroma of a Lavender field in bloom!



Our Lavender Reed Diffuser is the safest, easiest and most economical way to enjoy that "fresh lavender field" aroma in your home or office!

  • Note: This is not a fragrance oil, this diffuser uses our certified organic lavender essential oil
  • We ship our Reed Diffuser with 10 reeds, you control the amount of essential oil diffused into the room simply by the amount of reeds you insert into the diffuser jar 
  • Shipped with our certified organic lavender essential oil and diffuser oil, in a clear, high quality heavy glass 
  • Simply remove the wooden cap and plastic plug, insert the bamboo reeds, and enjoy our famous organic lavender oil diffusing into the atmosphere! 
  • No flame, no electricity, just pourous bamboo reeds releasing organic lavender aroma 
  • Last for months!

Caution: Do not drip essential oil liquid on wood or finished surfaces as it may damage or leave a mark. Please be careful!