Wunder-Shroom Tea-Mushroom Tea

Wunder-Shroom Tea-Mushroom Tea

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This delicious golden tea, with the aroma and taste of gourmet mushrooms has a super powerful punch of health benefits. It is soothing, refreshing and especially designed to promote health and energy!


Our mushroom tea is made of 3 organic ingredients: Shiitake, Reishi, and Maitake mushrooms.

It is the result of numerous months of testing and blending to achieve the highest level of taste and still achieve a high level of healthy polysaccharides. The outcome is a wonderfully delicious golden tea, with the aroma and taste of gourmet mushrooms with a super powerful punch of health benefits. It is soothing, refreshing and especially designed to promote health and energy. The quality is unsurpassed and the truth is in the first sip. Note: The mushrooms in the tea may be used more than once, the subsequent "batch" may be a slight bit weaker, but still nutritious and tasty.

 Shiitake (also known as Japanese Forest Mushroom) has been highly valued and consumed for hundreds of years in the Far East because of its exceptional culinary and health benefits. The popularity of this mushroom has been gaining world wide notoriety not only for its magnificent taste, but also for its well-documented medicinal qualities. Known for its antiviral and immune-boosting capabilities, it also is nutritious. Shiitake is 13-18% protein by dry weight, high in the amino acids leucine and lysine (scarce in most grains), and has a significant complement of minerals and vitamins. In the sixties, Japanese consumers became more concerned about their health, and, at about the same time, the medical research on shiitake's phenomenal benefits began coming in. Today those benefits are well-documented. Shiitake's powerful immune-boosting action reverses the T-cell suppression caused by tumors, making it a valuable ally against cancer, leukemia, lymph sarcoma and Hodgkin's disease. Antiviral actions, due to substances present in spores and mycelia, inhibit division of viruses, impeding the spread of flu and other infections.* One shiitake mushroom, eaten with a tablespoon of butter, actually reduces serum cholesterol. In Japan it is taken to prevent heart disease because it regulates both high and low blood pressure. As an anti-inflammatory, it improves stomach and duodenal ulcers, neuralgia, gout, constipation and hemorrhoids. Shiitake also counteracts fatigue, generates stamina and improves the complexion.

       We also grow Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum) , long used in the Orient and considered by many to be the most potent of all the fungi. It is known in China as Ling Chi. Heralded for its immune-stimulating properties it is traditional dried and steeped and then consumed in a tea. Once reserved for only the Emperor and the Noble, this mushroom is highly prized and the culprit of many battles. There is much documentation and many books written on the numerous health benefits of Reishi. In fact, the Japanese government has officially recognized Reishi as a treatment for cancer. See this page, or do a search to learn more about the remarkable health benefits of Reishi.

       Maitake ( Grifola frondosa), known as Hen of the Woods, is also highly valued for its medicinal properties. Recent in vitro studies at the National Cancer Institute show significant activity against the HIV virus when tested through its Anti-HIV Drug Testing System under the Developmental Therapeutics Program. Maitake extracts compared favorably with AZT but with no negative side effects. This is the first mushroom confirmed to have anti-HIV activity, in vitro , by both U.S. and Japanese researchers. Other medicinal claims for this mushroom include: reduction of blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and a wide variety of cancers.

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