We just got a new litter of plush puppies along with some new bears, and I’m busy filling them with our dried lavender!! These adorable lavender filled bears and puppies need a “happy-home”, and someone to love.

Many of these comfort bears have found their homes with patients that received Cataract Surgery, at an Eye Care Center. Those bears received new names: “I Care Bears” đŸ™‚  Others found a home at schools in “Special Needs Classes”, for the students to hold during a day when they are experiencing pain or sadness, stress or anxiety. Their spirits were lifted from the aroma after holding these soft comforting bears. Our customers have also purchased these comfort animals for their children, Grandmothers, and friends that needed comfort. And also, they have been used for folks that have lost their beloved pet, founding some comfort from the lavender puppies. These puppies and bears are cute, and will be glad to share their calming, soothing aroma of lavender with each gentle squeeze or hug. XXXXXX