Today I decided to relax and pamper myself!!!! This means that I treated myself to a hot bath in “the morning”! It is especially comforting to me, because this is an extremely busy time of the year.  When I stop, and take the time to run a hot bath with some Lavender bath salts,Lavender Essential Oil, Lavender Hydrosol, and Helichrysum Hydrosol to the water, it makes the most wonderful soothing spa experience for me. Then I lie down and relax for 20 minutes or more, before I start my day. That isn’t a lot of time, but it says, I’m special, and I need this “relax time” too!! Inhale, close your eyes and imagine yourself there too. Take time for yourself this holiday season, and you will be able to be in the present moment, enjoying your loved ones. Happy Holiday to you and yours.