Today I propagated over 100 cuttings from one of our most popular L. Angustifolia “English” Lavender plants.  When these cuttings mature enough to be transplanted into 3″ pots, I will plant them on our new wholesale Lavender Farm. After the first bloom, in about one year, we will distill the flowers for the Essential Oil. This Oil will then be used for Aromatherapy by us in our products, and by many of our customers that purchase from us on our website, and  in our retail cottage at our U-Pick farm.

Lavandula Angustifolia Essential Oil is extremely healing! A “Whiff” or “Huff” of our certified organic lavender essential oils helps calm jagged nerves, soothes stress & headaches, and provides a smooth “pick-me-up”. It is also very effect for insomnia encouraging restful sleep, by applying a few drops to your pulse points, then deeply inhale the aroma several times.  My husband and I use it this way every night.

So…here’s to best wishes for these little lavender cuttings, may they grow into beautiful flowers!

To learn more indepth about our essential oil read this.