Cooking with Lavender

Lavender Blue ~ I Love Cooking With You!


  With Valentines Day coming up this weekend, Ella and I send you much Love!  Live and Love "in the moment"!  Oh Yes, we still have a few patches of snow in our yard, but Spring will arrive soon I promise! For Valentines, I've created another recipe using my favorite floral herb, Lavender Blue. When I [...]

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Boost Your Mood And Immune System With Lavender


When I spend extended days indoors during our cold winter months, I tend to get cabin fever and "moody", Oh No, not that!! Lavender is one of the most popular plants known for it's medicinal and therapeutic properties having a beneficial effect on the nervous system, our nervine, soothing the nerves, balancing, and calming our emotional state. [...]

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Wintery Lavender & Yummy Bread Pudding!


In the Winter I spend lots of time indoors because, "baby it's cold outside"!! Our lavender plants are "sleeping in", all dormant, happily covered with a blanket of snow! I love the serene beauty and stillness of our wintery lavender farm :-) I keep myself busy this time of year packing orders from our website, [...]

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Spring Gardening, Good For Body And Soul


We have begun our Spring gardening on the Farm, tending our little piece of we call it! And it needs a lot of TLC, preparing for our lovely spring flowers that will bloom very soon! :-) I worked several hours today pruning, raking and weeding in the Wildflower Garden. Many of the wildflowers and [...]

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Lavender Sweets And Loving Memories


Who remembers these cute "Love is.." cartoons in the newspaper? Omgggosh...these are so special to me because they were cut out of the newspaper and given to my dear Grandmother Lucille by  Grandpa Carson in 1936--! Love is.....knowing you'll always be his "pin-up"!  Love is....kissing power (and Grandpa wrote in, you make my day)! Love [...]

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Lavender Lovers Enjoy DIY Chocolate Lavender Marshmallows


Valentine's Day is a favorite time for me, and I think it's true saying, whether young or old, we all still love to receive Valentines!! My daughter and I have always enjoyed creating special Cards for each other, and for our loves and bff :-)  Below is a Valentine she made for me several years [...]

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Molasses Herbs de Provence Bread That Will Delight Your Senses!


Winter is the time of year when I enjoy baking most of all, because time has slowed down a bit, and I spend much of my time inside out of the cold weather. While I make plans for the season ahead, I enjoy savoring my moments in the kitchen with my hands "in the dough". [...]

Molasses Herbs de Provence Bread That Will Delight Your Senses!2015-01-20T00:50:10+00:00

Happy New Year 2015 Brings A Fresh Look Thru A Child’s Eyes


To ring in the New Year 2015, I want to start by gazing into these cheerful photos, being transported back to warmer summer days at our fragrant calming lavender farm! Awe... Inhale deeply with me, and let the sweet heady aroma surround you, and encourage peace & I tell you of a very precious, [...]

Happy New Year 2015 Brings A Fresh Look Thru A Child’s Eyes2015-01-01T04:55:02+00:00

Lavender Hawaiian Christmas Stollen


Tis the season once again, and  I'm not ready.  Maybe if I turn on the Christmas music, and fetch a cuppa of hot Lavender Chai Tea, I'll begin to feel the spirit of Christmas :-) Now I'm ready to get my holiday baking on!!! I've been making delicious sweet Hawaiian Bread this past month, and [...]

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Lavender Harvest Celebration


This weekend is Harvest Festival weekend in our beautiful Hood River Valley!! We will be serving samples of my famous hot fall drink, "Lavender Ginger Cider" at our lavender farm! Our retail cottage is stocked with tons of luxurious lavender products for the weekend, including our culinary lavender, "Signature Blend" & "Provence". Joe lavender just brought several [...]

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