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Happy New Year 2015 Brings A Fresh Look Thru A Child’s Eyes


To ring in the New Year 2015, I want to start by gazing into these cheerful photos, being transported back to warmer summer days at our fragrant calming lavender farm! Awe... Inhale deeply with me, and let the sweet heady aroma surround you, and encourage peace & I tell you of a very precious, [...]

Happy New Year 2015 Brings A Fresh Look Thru A Child’s Eyes2015-01-01T04:55:02+00:00

Autumn Leaves And Lavender…Nature’s Best Aromatherapy!


Here comes November, my favorite season, when everything changes around us, preparing for cooler days of  Winter. When I'm out for a walk, I love to kick up the fallen leaves in brilliant orange, yellow, and reds! :-) As I inhale the cool breeze, I catch whiffs of lavender that still linger around our lavender [...]

Autumn Leaves And Lavender…Nature’s Best Aromatherapy!2014-11-05T00:15:16+00:00

Lavender Harvest Celebration


This weekend is Harvest Festival weekend in our beautiful Hood River Valley!! We will be serving samples of my famous hot fall drink, "Lavender Ginger Cider" at our lavender farm! Our retail cottage is stocked with tons of luxurious lavender products for the weekend, including our culinary lavender, "Signature Blend" & "Provence". Joe lavender just brought several [...]

Lavender Harvest Celebration2014-10-16T22:03:43+00:00

Summer And Sweet Lavender


Where has the summer gone....June and July just flewwwww  by, and here goes August...Sigh.. Cheers to mellow September!! I'm past due on my blog only excuse is that this is our Peak Of Season on our U-pick Lavender Farm,  and also harvest time :-) My life is a blurrrrr, that is "a calm blur" [...]

Summer And Sweet Lavender2014-09-03T22:23:36+00:00

Experience Pure Beauty and Calming Bliss At Lavender DAZE!


I am excited about our 10th annual Lavender DAZE Festival this coming weekend, 19th & 20th. Woohoo!! I hope you plan to join us in the celebration of pure beauty and calming bliss in fields of lavender among 1000's a flowers, bees and ladybugs :-) FYI~we have our Lavender DAZE T's in stock in our [...]

Experience Pure Beauty and Calming Bliss At Lavender DAZE!2014-07-17T21:10:14+00:00

Focus On The Flowers…No Stress Here!!


Ahhhh :-) Summertime and lovely Lavender flowers, bringing their healing, calming blissful aroma!!  Our lavender farm is "bursting" into lovely, fragrant blooms that are intoxicating and glorious :-) Beautiful daze for lavender and family fun on the farm!! Every day is delightful, & serene on our lavender farm, bringing 100's of folks from all over [...]

Focus On The Flowers…No Stress Here!!2014-07-14T02:31:45+00:00

Are you seeking a unique, surreal new adventure?


Where would you turn to find information, if you've never been to our lavender farm, or our beautiful Hood River Valley? You might consider the world's largest consumer travel review site...Trip Advisor.  On "TripAdvisor" you can read reviews from real people seeking fun, new adventures. We're ecstatic, about receiving an award from TripAdvisor!! This is the [...]

Are you seeking a unique, surreal new adventure?2014-05-24T07:50:33+00:00

It’s Green All Around Our Lavender Farm


Happy Mother's Day to all our wonderful Mother's out there!! <3  And Happy May! I love seeing all the green around our farm!! The spring rain that we had yesterday and today will definitely encourage lots of new growth of flowers and weeds alike....Time to get into the "rhythm of the season"...the natural process of [...]

It’s Green All Around Our Lavender Farm2014-05-10T22:41:19+00:00

Spring Lovin’ Celebration On The Farm


I just love this time of year! Many lovely flowers are showing sign of new growth in our Wildflower Garden and around our Lavender Farm. I get excited when I stroll around the path in our wildflowers, and see little green flowers sprouting up everywhere! Then I spot the newly developed foliage of my favorite [...]

Spring Lovin’ Celebration On The Farm2014-04-09T10:53:29+00:00

Slip Away On A Nostalgic Aromatherapy Journey


    Or, Our History...Our Aromatherapy journey began in 2003 when my husband & I had a "dream" of growing lovely fragrant Organic Lavender. I often take comfort in the nostalgic and reflect on how far we've come in just 11 years, and these photos bring joy as I reflect. Aww...this started my love for this [...]

Slip Away On A Nostalgic Aromatherapy Journey2014-01-30T02:18:38+00:00
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