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6th Annual Lavender DAZE Festival


We are busy prepping for our 6th Annual Oregon Lavender DAZE Festival on the 10th & 11th. Many jobs from clearing out the spent Lupine in our Wildflower section, and staking up our beautiful brilliant red Oriental Poppies. I'm blending up lots of batches of Foot Balm, X-treme Body Butter, and our famous Shea Butter Balm, all [...]

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We Love Tour Groups


We had a tour group from Portland visit our farm this morning.  They reserved our tour package in advance for their group from Florida. The package included a garden tour, hands-on Lavender Wand class, and self-serve Lavender Tea and Lavender Scones, on our covered patio. During the garden tour I described the 70 different lavender varieties planted [...]

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Unfolding beauty!


I finally finished pruning, and clearing away dry flower tops and grasses out of the wildflower section. Whew!! Then I cut apart over-grown Shasta Daisy's, and Bee Balm, and move them around to more sparse areas in the garden.  After that I scattered 1000's of flower seeds that I saved from last season.  A few of my [...]

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Spring Gardening


The sunshine warms my face as I begin spring clean-up around the lavender farm. Not sure if the seasons are changing where you are, but for us it is coming on a bit early this year. The first place I start is in the wildflower section. The warmer weather promotes new growth quickly, and there's [...]

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Did you walk on the path through my wild flower garden???


The Lupine is quickly going to seed, so I've started cutting out the seed pods, and triming the plants. Now I'll need to fill in with other flowers that will bloom through the hotter days of summer :) Today I worked with my "sister", for a few hours, early in the morning, weeded [...]

Did you walk on the path through my wild flower garden???2009-06-13T12:28:04+00:00
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