Today I did some much needed house cleaning in preparation for the holidays. I have a few extra hours in my days now, since our Lavender Farm is closed for the season (except for the occasional opening by appointment). I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t beat myself up anymore over housework. When I have the time, it will get done, and that’s OK.  We are open 10-5, 7 days a week at our UPick Lavender Farm, from April – October, so there are seasons of our life that,…. well my house isn’t immaculate, that’s not what is important at the time… but today, I’ll clean our “humble little abode”, and enjoy everything about it; it’s a new season in our life.

 To start with,  I did some laundry with an all natural BioKleen laundry powder (no chlorine bleach-no chemicals), because I have Occupational Dermititis in my hands from being a Cosmetologist/Aesthetician for 20 years, and now I brake out with infection anytime I touch a chemical. You can not even imagine how many chemicals there are in hand soap, laundry soap, dish soap, and household cleaners!!!!! In my washer I’m careful to use all natural cleaners that are good for us, and our beautiful environment too. I also add, 1 cup of our Certified Organic, Lavender Hydrosol “distillant water”, to help remove dirt, and give my clothes a fresh clean smell. After I add the Hydrosol, I turn off the wash cycle for 10 minutes to let it soak. Then I run the full cycle. When I put my clothes into the dryer, I add a “Lavender Dryer Bag” to bring even more of the clean fresh lavender aroma into my home.

Then I went on to clean my sink, cupboards, windows & doors (doorknobs too), with our “All Purpose Cleaner” that is 99% Certified Organic ingredients: Our Lavender Hydrosol, and 7 other pure Essentials Oils, Vegetable Glycerin. No harsh chemicals. The natural plant antibactorial, antiseptic qualities do the job. My home is beginning to smell, and look clean and fresh again. Fall is a wonderful time to tidy up around my home in prep. for the holidays. Clean with enjoyment!

 With the changing season, I feel peace, and satisfaction having completed a beautiful summer harvest at our Lavender Farm. Now I can relax more, spend time with our family, and slow down to enjoy the coming holiday.  Happy Thanksgiving. Lavender Lady 🙂