I planted a “Warzawska  Nike” Clematis on the east end of our Arbor today. Four years ago we planted a Joseph Coat Climbing Rose there, but through the years, cold temperatures, or maybe a Gopher, stunted it’s growth, leaving a sparse area on the arbor.  This Clematis will soon cover that end of the arbor, with lovely flowers!

Our Arbor is located in the front of our Wildflower garden. We custom designed our Arbor at the beginning stage of planning our lavender farm. It is crafted together with re-bar and old Headboards. We literally bent the rebar around a fruit tree, until we achieved the arch shape needed for the Arbor. Then we sank them into the ground in cement. Viola! Our rustic Arbor for the wildflower garden, at our Lavender Farm 🙂 This became instantaneous vertical support for plants that love to climb, and gives height to our garden, bringing climbing plants up to another level, a rich layered effect to the eye of the beholder.

One of the climbing plants on the west end is my favorite, a “Silver Lace Vine”, along with two seedless grapes, and Nelly Moser Clematis. This year our arbor will be climbing with lovely flowers and foliage, perfect for butterflies and hummingbirds to enjoy, and many photographers, and art groups. We look forward to your visit with your family & friends.

grapes, clematis & silver lace vine starting the year's growth

grapes, clematis & silver lace vine starting the year