I’m dreaming of warm fragrant summer days with 1000’s of lavender flowers surrounding me 🙂

Awww…what an amazing aroma, I’m imagining! These days I spend most of my time hibernating indoors, working on our business, while the lavender plants are dormant outside in the cold…Today, when I wasn’t day dreaming 🙂 , I filled numerous bottles of English Lavender Essential Oil for web orders. When I needed a mood lift I would inhale deeply, huffing the lavender aromas,to soothe my blues away!!! It helped bring the fresh aroma of my lavender garden inside to me. I call lavender my “Fragrance of Sunlight”, because it instantly lifts my spirits, like walking in the lavender garden with the warm sun-shining on my face 🙂 🙂 If you are one of the wonderful customers that ordered Angustifolia (English) lavender essential oil during our largest price reduction special, you will soon also bring the Fragrance of Sunlight into your home, as you experience it’s calming, soothing aroma.

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