It feels & looks like fall with the cool breezes, and fresh blanket of snow on Mt. Hood. This is the time that Anjou Pears are picked in our valley, and in the orchards around our lavender farm. Whiffs of lavender still linger around our garden from the Lavandin, that is still on the plants, and the English lavender that’s going into bloom for the second time. We are still doing U-Pick lavender bouquets from several varieties, and will until the frost comes to visit.  🙂  We celebrate the beauty and fragrance of this lovely flower, Lavender. We will have our retail cottage stocked with our 2011 Best of Oregon Essential Oils and our new 2011 Flight of Lavender pack! Stop by and inhale their lovely, calming, soothing and healing aroma. Shop for holiday gifts, and stock up on our lavender jellies, and culinary lavender for your holiday parties. We will have samples of our Lavender Mint Shortbread, and Hot Lavender Apple Cider. We celebrate the seasons in our garden, as we do in our lives, and are blessed with the bounty of our harvest!