Happy Memorial Day!! We hope you are enjoying making special memories with you family and friends! We are OPEN and serving samples of my favorite Lavender Lemon Honey Shortbread, with a delicious home-made flavor with the addition of lavender, lemon and honey! Yummy!! Also, serving samples of our Lavender Mint Medley Tea. Drop by to stroll through our lavender farm and wildflower section that is bursting into gorgeous blooms of Papaver, Iceland Poppies & California Poppies, Shasta Daisy, Blue Flax, and Lupine!  Hood River Wildflowers

One of our customers favorite attractions, and my favorite pass time on warm sunny afternoons, is to sit on our patio and gaze across our lavender garden at Mt.Hood and watch our hummers dance “crazily” around the two feeders!  When these little creatures catch the eyes of children and their parents, they are drawn to the patio to watch, and enjoy their crazy, intense dancing about 🙂  These high energy, delightful little creatures are extremely loved and photographed by our customers and myself.  IMG_0635

We have three different varieties that frequently visit our lavender farm, Rufous “Selasphorus rufus”, Anna’s “Calypte anna”, and Ruby-throated “Archilochus colubris” Hummingbird.  Rufous hummers are extremely “feisty”, and outfly all other species, and usually get their way at the feeders! We love these delicate, delightful, high-energy lil’ creatures!