Does your face ever feel like the Mojave Desert?
Mine sure does, especially in the winter!! Skin dryness and dehydration effects all of us, some more than others. It can be genetic, but most frequently it is caused by: poor diet, illness, stress-from our hectic life styles, climate changes and seasonal elements that surround us.
Winter skincare regimen needs to be handled differently than other times of the year because of the harsh drying elements of winter. Extremely dry skin can become inflamed which causes flaking, cracking, and painful conditions. Our skin needs nourishment just like our body needs water & food. In the winter months I will often apply my facial cream, “Lavender Mega Therapy Cream“, more frequently to my face, neck and decollete’. This essentially “gives my face a drink” of nourishment that it needs to restore moisture balance, and ensuring a healthy youthful glow. 
Our Mega Therapy Cream is a rich emollient cream that will moisturize, soothe, and rejuvenate your delicate face skin. You will love how decadent, and silky it feels!!
I’m sure you’ve heard that our skin is the largest organ of our body, and it’s constantly open and exposed to the elements around us. Because of repeated exposure to harmful chemicals, from my career as an Aesthetician & Cosmetologist for 26 years, I now have occupational dermatitis on my hands, and other sensitive areas on my face. I realized that I needed to protect my own skin better, and prevent it from coming into contact with damaging chemical toxins, especially in cosmetics that are used on the delicate skin on my face. Whenever I use skincare products containing chemicals, I have eczema conditions that flair up.  
About 16 years ago I began researching cosmetics products, and using only natural, nourishing, luxurious, and safe products on my face and body. The result of these years of research led me to creating our skin care line, and the most therapeutic item is our Lavender Mega Therapy Cream. 
Best mega 3
We use only natural, pure ingredients in our Lavender Mega Therapy Cream: Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Gel, sweet almond oil, palm oil, vegetable glycerin, jojoba oil, gotu kola, Hood River Lavender Essential Oils of Lavender, horsetail plant, geranium, comfrey root, dandelion, stearic acid, vitamin E, A, and B5. We use a combination of our Organic Lavandula Angustifolia oil, and Lavandin x-intermedia lavender essential oils in our Cream. When you open a jar of Mega Therapy Cream your senses will be delighted by it’s lovely, fresh aroma of a field of lavender flowers! 
The beneficial properties of lavender are anti-tumoral, analgesic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, which are extremely healing, and prevent build up of sebum, a skin oil that bacteria feeds on. The French scientist Rene Gatefosse was the first to discover lavenders ability to promote tissue regeneration, when he burned his hand badly, and submerged it into a tub of lavender essential oil.  He called lavender, “nature’s burn medication and stress reliever”.  
When you apply the cream on you face, the beneficial properties will aid in healing, soothing and balancing the pH of your skin! Other ingredients, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Gel are both humectants which assists in attracting, retaining moisture, increasing the ability for moisture to penetrate the skin. Humectants also increase the pliability and flexibility of the skin, preventing it from cracking, and balancing moisture, protecting sensitive skin, improving skin tone and texture. Your skin will love how it feels, and will drink it up!! It’s non greasy, non clogging, heavenly moisturizing cream that will assist in healing your dry skin conditions. Remember, don’t neglect the delicate skin for you decollete’, because it’s exposed to sun, wind and drying conditions also.
Best Mega 4
You are beautiful, and your face needs to feel beautiful, so apply your moisturizer freely, and generously as needed. Give your face the Mega nourishment that it needs to maintain the moisture balance and give it that healthy youthful glow. Keep you winter skincare regimen simple, but effective with our luxurious, all natural face cream, Mega Therapy Cream!
This is one of my favorite skincare products and it goes hand in hand with our Lavender Hydrosol (flower water), as a toner. I always spritz Lavender Hydrosol first, then follow up with my moisturizer, Mega Therapy Cream. My face feels radiant, refreshed and rejuvenated…ready to meet the day!! 
Best Mega Therapy Cream  
If you are local, for your shopping convenience you might want to know that “The Gift House” on Oak Street, and Huckleberry’s Market/Rosauer’s on 12th street, carry our Mega Therapy Cream in our display.
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Cheers to You and  your beautiful healthy glowing skin!!
P.S. Winter will come to it’s end…and then…“Spring” <3 And it’s only 28 days away! 🙂
XX Lavender Lady