It was a beautiful day, with a perfect temp. of 90. I planted annual, hybrid Morning Glory starts by a small white wire fence at the entrance of our Lavfarm. Then I planted Teddy Bear sunflowers at different spots around my cottage. These sunflowers are small, shorter varieties, and will be perfect cheerful flowers to fill empty spots and add color.

 Afternoon I had a wonderful family visit our farm from Georgia. They purchased a few items in my retail cottage, then strolled around the garden, and into the wildflower section. They stopped to look at my succulent plants at the front of the arber, and noticed my Hen & Chicks.  She called them, “Hen & Biddies”. I laughed, and said that I’d never heard them called that before :). I told her that I liked that name better, and planned to use it from now on. 🙂 (Isn’t it funny, and interesting how different regions of the world, use different words and sayings). Come by and see my Hen & Biddies!!