“What Exactly Are Hydrosols?”

True Hydrosols are not just spritzer or misters!( water which lavender & essential oils have been added.) They are a product of distillation, and distillation only. They cannot be manufactured synthetically. Hydrosols are 100% naturally distilled, they are non-alcoholic waters, coming straight from the still. This water solution contains some water soluble micro-molecules of essential oils, as well as water soluble plant components.The oil molecules give the hydrosol the same properties as essential oils plus the added benefit of the plant material components which give hydrosol a unique nutrient-rich therapeutic benefit, especially as a skin hydration promoting healing and providing nourishment of the skins own regenerative processes.

Hydrosols are effective as toners for all skin types as they are impregnated with water-soluble (hydrophilic) compounds that are not present in essential oils. Soothing, anti-inflammatory carboxylic acids are found almost exclusively in hydrosols.

True Linen Water is a Hydrosol

The micro-molecules of essential oil that are water soluble in hydrosol provide the “oil lubrication” in Linen Water and will not lead to rust or corrosion build-up in the iron.

How I use Lavender Hydrosol!