I’m busy processing another wholesale order for an awesome business in Hawaii!! Kona henna. They do Temporary Body Art, with 100% natural henna! Our Refreshing Lavender Spritzer, Mega Therapy Cream, and Green Karma Moods Parfum, are a few of our products that they normally order. The Lavender Spritzer actually helps keep the skin moist, and helps Henna darken in color, as well as calm and refresh the spirit.  🙂 I’ve personally received a beautiful Henna Tattoo from the Master Artist, Maria, here in the states. Check our their site…and when in Kona be sure to visit them and tell them the Lavender Lady sent you.

The next one I receive will be done in Kona, Hawaii, with the warm sunshine on my shoulders! I can almost smell the tropic flowers & ocean…Did I mention that I’m ready to go now!