We are preparing for a Christmas show this weekend in Odell. I am busy, as some say,  in Santa’s workshop, making products for the show , and filling web orders, so they will arrive in time for Christmas. We are in full swing for Christmas, and it gets intense, but not tense, well not too much………….The Last Chance Christmas Bazaar is the very first show we did 4 years ago. I can still remember, and I wish I had a photo to show you!!! Oh you would howl!!!!  Now we have upgraded a bit since that day,  thanks to my awesome sister, for her tips. What a difference a Black table skirt, and rosemary green tablecloths will make.

 This year we decided to participate in this show only because, we wanted to donate a percent of all our sales to a fellow Lavender farmer that passes away this August with Breast Cancer. It is so very painful for her husband and her young, 9 years old, son. And if we can do even a little to help, toward research of this painful disease, we will be humbled to do it!!!! I pause . . . . Peace, calming, peace to Treva’s family….Strength, understanding, peace..wrap them in peace. …We look forward to seeing you at the show. Come support this cause.