Today in the morning I transplanted more “Provence” lavender starts into 3.5″ pots, as I waited on customers. These plants will need about two weeks to gain more root growth, before they are ready to sell. After lunch, I split apart a few perennial flowers that out grew the area where they were planted. Three of these plants are Echinacea, Potentilla (yellow), and Geum (orange). I moved them around to different locations at the entrance of our Lavender farm.  I also transplanted five small sunflower plants to the back of our farm. These sunflowers will grow tall and more will be planted to become a beautiful back drop for photos taken across our lavender flowers, and up toward Mt. Hood. They will also, help hid our two port-a-potties, located at the back of the farm. Besides all this fun, tending my garden, I spent several hours sitting on the patio watching tiny Hummingbirds buzz around the feeders.  They are little bits of magic in our lives 🙂