Who remembers these cute “Love is..” cartoons in the newspaper?

Omgggosh…these are so special to me because they were cut out of the newspaper and given to my dear Grandmother Lucille by  Grandpa Carson in 1936–! Love is…..knowing you’ll always be his “pin-up”!  Love is….kissing power (and Grandpa wrote in, you make my day)! Love is….tempting! Love is….a tender flower! Gosh these are too sweet,  and you could say….a little “Sappy” !

My Grandpa was a Baker in Juneau Alaska, and they lived in a small home above his Bakery. He woke early, and went downstairs to the Bakery to prepare breads and pastries for the day. He sat in his free time reading the morning paper, thinking of his sweetheart, Lucille!

Love letters from grandpa carson to lucille 5 1932Love letters from grandpa carson to lucille 4 1932He often wrote her love poems, and these are copies of just a few of them. These are my two Grandparents in the photo below  🙂

Love letters from grandpa carson to lucille 1932I will translate his writing, as these letters are very old and a little faded, written in 1936.  My Mother printed copies for me…they are such a Treasure to me! Love is

Love Poems written by Grandpa Carson Lawrence to his Sweetheart Lucille:

Good morning darling,
here I be writing silly poetry.
Tho I’m sleeping like a rock
Wake me sweetheart at 5 o’clock,
I will wake up with a grin
Scrape the whiskers from my chin,
When I’ve had my coffee with you
Then I’ll have a kiss or two,
And down to the basement I must go,
I’ve lots of work to do you know. 🙂

Love is…

Blonde haired girl
With a twinkle in her eye,
flirts with the boys
as she passes them by.
She never will tarry
She never will pause.
Shall I tell you the secret?
Should I tell you the cause?
She has a sweetheart
Who loves her so true,
If she really meant it,
T’would make him so blue.
And she’s tender hearted,
She’d not cause him pain,
And she knows that her sweetheart
Is just a bit vain,
And thinks he’s the only one
In the world who
This blonde haired girl will
Give her whole heart too!!  Poems by Grandpa Carson Lawrence

My heart is filled with Love for these two very special Grandparents of mine, I could only wish they were still with us……but their memory will live on in me, and I will hold them Forever in my Heart!


I was named after my dear Grandmother Lucille, Diane Lucille, and Grandmother loved flowers, as I do! She was the chairman of the Garden Club for many years in Juneau Alaska.  Grandpa was a Baker~pastry Chef, and so my legacy has brought many natural gifts into my characteristics.  I find it amazing how similar we are with our past generations.  🙂 I made this Heart Wreath a few years ago at our lavender farm during a DIY wreath class I taught 🙂

Heart Lavender wreath


Now it’s time to begin my baking in memory of dear Grandpa Carson, with some Edible Lavender!! I wonder if he ever cooked with Lavender? Sigh….. Today I’ve picked this lacy wafer-thin almond cookie, Florentines! They are a mouthwatering flavor burst!! I’m drooling just writing about it!! Florentines for my Valentines!




Recipe Type: Cookie Confection
Cuisine: Italian
Author: Lavender Lady
Serves: 12
These lacy wafer-thin almond cookies is simply delectable! The nutty flavor, with orange zest, combined with edible lavender gives these cookies an amazing flavor burst in your mouth!! I can’t stop eating them 🙂
  • 1 3/4 cups sliced, blanched almonds(about 5 ounces)
  • 3 Tbsp all-purpose flour
  • Finely grated zest of 1 orange(about 2 Tbsp)
  • 3 tsp culinary lavender,finely ground [If you only want a light floral note, use 2 tsp]
  • 1/4 tsp fine salt
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 2 Tbsp heavy cream
  • 2 Tbsp light corn syrup (organic)
  • 5 Tbsp unsalted butter
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 2-4 ounces semisweet chocolate, chopped
  1. Preheat oven 350 degrees. Line cookie sheet with parchment paper-this is a must, as the cookies will stick really badly if you don’t (voice of experience~not funny).
  2. Pulse the almonds in a food processor until finely chopped, but not pasty.
  3. Stir together the nuts, flour, orange zest, culinary lavender, and salt in a large bowl.
  4. Place the sugar, cream, corn syrup and butter in a small saucepan. Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until mixture comes to a rolling boil and sugar is completely dissolved. Continue to boil for 1 minute. Remove from heat and stir in the vanilla, then pour into almond mixture and stir just to combine. Set aside until cool enough to handle, 20-30 minutes.
  5. Scoop rounded teaspoons of batter and press into balls. Place on parchment covered cookie sheet with 3 to 4 inches between each cookie, since cookies will spread.(This is very important)
  6. Bake one cookie sheet at a time, and rotate 1/2 way through baking time, about 10-11 minutes. Cookies will be thin, golden brown color when done.
  7. Cool on cookie sheet for 5 minutes, then transfer to cooling rack. Repeat with remaining batter.
  8. Optional chocolate topping:
  9. Place chocolate in medium microwave-safe bowl. Melt at 50 percent power for 1 minute. Stir, and continue to heat until completely melted, stir often, about 1 to 2 minutes. Drizzle melted chocolate over your lovely Florentines as desired, this is your creation 🙂 And then enjoy one of your delightful mouthwatering homemade cookies, and share some with your sweetie & friends 🙂
  10. Store your Florentines carefully, separated by waxed paper, in an air-tight container for up to 3 days..if they last that long 🙂 Recipe adapted from TVFoodNetwork

Adding finely ground culinary lavender into nuts, flour, orange zest and salt. Florentines1


I also tossed a “pinch”more culinary lavender whole buds into the sugar, cream, corn syrup and butter, because I wanted to… and… I’m the chef today 🙂 These will remain in the cookies for extra flavor and texture 🙂


This is the finished cookie batter cooling enough to handle, then I’ll press into small 3 inch balls and place on a prepared cookie sheet 3-4 inches apart. (these weren’t placed far enough apart, and while cooking they spread into each other, so some of my cookies were odd shaped, but still taste delightful 🙂 Spacing is important, that’s why my photo above of completed cookies, are odd shaped..I learned something new 🙂 Life & cooking is all about learning, improving and having fun with it!


Love is…A flower!!

Love is…to be shared with others!

Love is…memories held close to your heart!

And Love is…a sweet Lavender Chocolate Florentine Cookie 🙂 Enjoy!!



Happy Valentines Day to each of you!! Let your love reach out to another, and shine, like these lovely flowers!!

XOXO Lavender Lady