This awesome “Lavender-Vanilla Honey Shake” completed our wonderful Valentine’s Day! Thanks to one of our customers that sent this recipe, along with her kind note!

“Hello, I just wanted to let you know that your culinary lavender is lovely!! I use it to make a shake called, Lavender-Vanilla Honey Shake. It’s really good stuff!! So you know I’ll be reordering your lavender quite often!! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.  I got the idea from a raw food restaurant over here in Brooklyn, NY called Rockin’ Raw. Then figured out the measurements for the recipe.”

Lavender-Vanilla Honey Shake

2 T Raw Almond Butter

2 T Raw Honey

3 Vanilla Beans (add vanilla flavor if more vanilla is desired)

1 tray of small ice cubes

1/2 cup water (more or less to desired thickness)

1 tsp Lavender

Blend until smooth. Serve in tall glass and garnish with Lavender

Variation: Almond milk can be made with soaked almonds and

water in a blender. Then strain it through a nut milk bag. Omit the

1/2 cup of water in recipe above if using almond milk.

My Husband Loves it!!