Being a time of the year when we’re all thinking about Love, it is a wonderful time to consider how we balance our work, and the time we spend with those we Love.

I love what we do, in this profession of farming/gardening. It is a love affair in it’s self, and best of all – I get to be beside my love, and soul-mate through the day by day process!! How did that happen?  With all humility, I say, “It did, and I am forever grateful!” Joe and I have this saying, “If you’re at the right address when the bus goes by, you can get on.”  Maybe it was our attitude that shaped our reality…Maybe it was a process of balancing an attitude of contentment and patience.  No, I’m not saying it’s a perfectly smooth ride, there have been, and will be bumps, highs, and lows, but again it’s our attitude! This profession of ours isn’t what defines us, it requires balance to be abundant in our life, so we learn to balance our work and play. It’s OK to be a success both at home and at work. I’ll work hard for the abundance to spend beautiful times together in a garden, or at the beach or mountains, doing the fun things with those I love. It’s a delicate balance between what we love and those whom we love.  At the end of the day, holding hands with my love, we inhale deeply the lovely Lavender aroma, and are blessed with Love!! I wish all of you a heart filled with the best love and joy that you deserve!!