With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this is the time for expressing and celebrating love of all kinds. I like to get crafty and make Valentine’s for my special loves. Think Crafts and Wikipedia have some lovely Valentine ideas. I love the little vintage card that says, “I’m PLUM crazy about you Valentine”. My cards will say…”I’m Lovender crazy for you” 😉 These handmade Valentine’s can be elaborate in detail, or simply made.  Even the novice can have fun being creative, and designing them with a few special words from your heart <3. That’s what it’s all about.

After creating the cards, it’s time to make special treats. These treats will be “healthy” junk food 😉 made with all natural ingredients! The one good thing about these treats, is that they are extremely easy to make!  My sweetie once told me, “If you loved me, you’d make me Rice Krispy Treats“! Well….these treats say, “I Love You, this much”!! <3 And they will be enjoyed with a cup of  Chai Lavender Mate.

Now let’s set the mood with the “soft glow of love” from one of my Valentine Faves, our 100% natural Soy Candles, infused with our lovely lavender essential oil.

Happy Valentine’s Day, spread your love around to others!