Wow, Summer went by in a whirl, blowing right into Fall, and here we are at Winter already! We have sweet memories of our summer daze on the farm that will keep our hearts warm, and smiling throughout the cool Winter months ahead. Let’s have fun reflecting back for a bit.  🙂

What’s more fun than relaxing in the warm sunshine with your family and friends, picking lovely, fragrant bouquets of lavender, or just sitting awhile in the quiet, surreal beauty of nature?!!  That’s what folks that visited us did, along with enjoying picnics, blowing bubbles, meandering through the wildflower garden, and lavender fields as the sweet lavender aroma surrounded them with peaceful calm!! 🙂IMG_9192Baby Memorial Garden 2015Best bubbles in Baby Memorial Garden Best lavender daze pic 2 bob koch IMG_3368Cutiest little upicker in cottage hr lavender farm before DAZE Fest july 2015

I’m happy for the changing seasons that we have in Oregon, because.. “each moment of the year has it’s own beauty”, as Ralph Waldo Emerson said! So we embrace each season, and breathe in the calming beauty that it brings into our lives! 🙂

We had one of the Hottest summers that I can remember this year!! Just keeping our flowers watered around the farm was extremely challenging!!  Every time we turned around, it was time to water, and deadhead spent flowers again! I’m thankful for my wonderful team of gals that assisted at different times during the week, maintaining the beautiful floras, and assisting with our visitors. 🙂 We made humor as much as possible to keep positive, and drank lots of water to keep hydrated!! I often said, “grab your water bottle, and let’s go deadhead spent flowers on the California Poppy’s, and other flowers, around our farm, and see how long we can keep them blooming”! I’m happy to say that many of our California Poppy’s were still blooming into the Fall season!! The wonderful calming aroma at our lavender farm certainly helped keep our attitudes balanced, happy and calm!! IMG_6049 IMG_8875 Best little upicker










Our Wild Asters were exceptionally gorgeous this year also. 🙂 This awesome pink Aster in the front of our retail cottage, to the left of my window box, reseeded this year from our wildflower garden! It was an extremely lovely splash of color, and a treat that our bees loved, as well as everyone that visited!!


Collage of gorgeous flowers at our lavfarmAs the season changes, we look forward to making beautiful memories in the New Year!








We at Hood River Lavender wish you a Joyous Holiday making memories with your family and friends. Be well, safe and happy!!


Girl Power, and Teamwork at it best!! Thank you, to my awesome gals!! Lavender DAZE 2015 5IMG_3369

Holiday cheers, Lavender Lady 🙂

Di Lavender lady with big gross bleu bouquet july 2015