We experienced out first frost this morning…..signs of our change in the season. Many of our English Lavender that are in their 2nd bloom start drooping their heads, as if in shock, or preparing for dormant sleep. Also, the annuals and perennial flowers like our vibrant Zinnias and Dahlias in the wildflowers section, have began to turn a somewhat brownish color. This is an early frost even for us. However, even though the frost has brought a change on some of the lavender and other flowers in our garden, we will continue to be open through the end of October.

One of our biggest weekend events, The Hood River Valley Harvest Fest, is October 16, 17, 18th. This is the weekend that all the farms in the valley celebrate the bounty of their harvest. Lots of farms in Hood River are open, as well as a big Festival event down on the waterfront. We will be open here on our farm as well celebrating the bounty of our Lavender farm by preparing a hot Mulled Lavender Apple Cider, Lavender Mint Shortbread, and decedent Dark Chocolate Lavender Truffles, and the release of our 2009 Fine Lavender Oils! Its also a great time to load up on gifts for the Holidays, or load up your own supply of yummies.

Hope to see you on the farm!