I filled an order today for one of our most popular product, Organic Culinary Lavender.  One dozen packages of our Organic Provence Culinary Lavender is going to a Culinary School in Ohio. Cooking with lavender can hold a certain mystique, and some say you need to aquire a taste for it. With my curiosity for cooking with herbs, I love to experiment the variety of different flavors.  Whether it is garnishing a dessert with a lavender sprig, or a lavender-infused beverage, I just love incorporating lavender into my everyday meals for unique new flavors. My all time favorite is Lavender Scones, served with Vanilla Lavender Pear Jelly, and cream. Yummy! One of Joe’s favorites is Lavender Grilled Salmon or Stealhead. Enjoy recipes with the delicate, intriguing, and elusive, floral flavor of lovely lavender. That’s a mouth full:) !!!

We have some of our favorite recipes here: Lavender Recipes