• Spritz with Joy! So soothing, so many uses!
  • Cleans, deodorizes, and softens hands naturally with this VEGAN fragrant Hand Soap!
  • Refill your empty jar and enjoy the Fresh, Clean aroma of a Lavender field in Summer! Very calming, uplifting and cheerful!!

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  • The Ultimate in a therapeutic Neck Wrap!
  • Strong, SAFE, with Hundreds of Uses in your home, work, school, auto, shop, etc. ALL NATURAL and VERY EFFECTIVE!
  • Encourages deep relaxation, relieving tired puffy eyes, headaches, sinuses and fatigue from stress. Ideal as an inspiration for Yoga, and to "awaken" our other senses. Great for travel and as a sleep-aid.
  • Easy, effortless method of getting the calming aromatic aroma of organic lavender in your bedding and clothes. 
  • Aromatic and very Lovely!
  • The easiest and no-hands on way to create a living or work environment that has the gorgeous calm, relaxing and beneficial aroma of a Lavender field in bloom!
  • Available in Sheer black or white, very aromatic chic
  • Our original Lavender Foaming Hand Soap in a cost-saving refill
  • Large, Lacy and pretty beaded Chains

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