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  • Bring new flavors to the table!

  • Cakes with personality!

  • This salt is "moist" & unrefined, and extremely high in minerals & nutrients due to the area it is from and method that it is harvested. "Paludiers" are the tradesman that hand harvested this great salt, using the celtic method of harvesting that has been done for centuries. It is grey from the nutrient rich clay in the salt flats where it is collected. Clean, fresh, with less bitter aftertaste than other salts, it is exceptional on fine chocolates, caramels, salads, roasted meat & veggies, and fish & seafood.
  • Flavorful alternative to dark chai tea, very healthy and nutritious, and enjoyable!
  • World famous Organic Provence Culinary Lavender from Oregon
  • Very Tasty and savory blend of 12 organic spices, including our own certified organic Culinary Lavender
  • Flavorful, mildly spicy and deliciously unique!
  • Exceptionally tasty and smooth, this tea refreshes and calms
  • A great bedtime tea, or when reflection and relaxation is the goal. All natural, caffeine free, and organic!
  • Savory, fruity, sweet and very delicious!
  • We infused raw sugar cane 2 weeks with the perfect blend of English and Provence lavender to create this golden flavor. Use infused sugar as a replacement for plain sugar. Great in drinks, as decoration or in your families favorite baked recipe. Complementary flavors include- lemon, caramel, mint, dark chocolate, vanilla, blueberry.....Recipes listed on the site. Feel free to tag your creations on our social medias. Instagram*Facebook *Pinterest
  • Very peaceful, relaxing and 'Feel Good' Tea
  • The finest blend of organic culinary lavender!

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