Angustifolia Blend’ Lavender Oil – L. angustifolia 5 ml


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A unique blend of several of our best True Lavender Oils, blended and crafted like a fine wine!

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Our Signature Blend of many different Lavender angustifolia (True Lavender) Oils grown and distilled on our farm

  • Made with a blend of our true fine lavender essential oils from the summer of 2013
  • Crafted and blended from our favorite oils to create the best of the summer of 2013 blend, much like blending and crafting a fine wine
  • Our Angustifolia Blend may contain up to 12 different English Lavender essential oils
  • Captivating, unique, and delightfully floral, this blend is our most used variety in our home
  • Life seems to take on a different tone when we have this oil in the diffuser/nebulizer
  • Priced friendly, and full of quality and beauty
  • 5ml bottle

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