Beautiful Lavender Body Set


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When you buy the set you save 30%! Great gift for anyone that loves and appreciates natural aesthetics!

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Nourish your body & soul. This gift pack includes- Silk lotion, Body Wash with Aloe, Refreshing Spritzer and Lavender Dust and Dry Shampoo

  • Lavender Silk Lotion- 6 oz. of pure indulgence! Quick absorbing, naturally pampering, and never a greasy feeling.
    Leaves your skin silky smooth, light yet luxurious, kissed with the warm aroma of fresh lavender.Great on skin overly exposed to the sun. Go on, moisturize freely!


  • Lavender Body Wash with Aloe Vera- 8 oz.  No Sulfates! Lovely and Luscious, made with a special blend of our own Organic Lavender Essential oil. Very concentrated, this lasts a long time and is such a marvelous aroma to awaken to. Sure to put a smile on your face every time you shower. Does not dry your skin out. Rich in lather, aroma, with the sweetness of summer in the lavender field!


  • Refreshing Lavender Spritzer- 2 oz. bottle. This Lavender infused distilled spritzer helps to rehydrate the skin and improve tone. Spray on the face when exercising or to improve mood. Mist to encourage curl in naturally curly or permed hair. Use when ironing or spray into the air for an instant pick-me-up. Great as a facial toner prior to your daily makeup routine. On hot days, keep in the fridge for a refreshing and cooling mist. So soothing, so many uses.


  • Lavender Body Dust & Dry Shampoo- 3 oz. of lovely pampering Body Dust. Hood River Lavender Body Dust is talc-free. Created with Organic Kaolin Clay, Arrow Root and our own L. angustifolia lavender and lavender oil. Use it on your body to help reduce moisture and safe for kids. Calming effect is still present with our lavender oils. To use as a Dry Shampoo simply shake some into you hands, rub together then run your fingers through your hair. Blow Dry to disperse dust all throughout roots. Another great & natural aesthetic routine!

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