Healthy Herbal Lavender Tea Pack

Healthy Herbal Lavender Tea Pack


Our 3 most popular Teas together and on Sale!


Save over 60% off on this 3-pack of our most popular Lavender Teas! Gorge Wind Tea, Lavender Mint Tea Blend, and Tranquil-a-Tea.

  • Perfect to relax and contemplate the coming warm season and longer days
  • Gorge Wind Tea– Dedicated to the passion and energy of the Hood River Wind Surfers and Kite Boarders! (Jasmine Green Tea, Lemon Balm, Honeybush, Lavender, and Orange) 
  • Lavender Mint Tea Blend– Perfect after-meal or evening tea, very rounded and full flavor, smooth not strong. (Yummy blend of 2 different Mints, Lemon Verbena, Lemon Balm and our Organic Lavender combonation) 
  • Tranquil-a-Tea– Great bedtime tea, very relaxing and soothing! (Whole Chamomile Flowers, Oatstraw, and Lavender)

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