Lavender Spice Blend Culinary Set

Lavender Spice Blend Culinary Set

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Master the art of herbs & spices with this gift set. Turn your lavender palate spicy, Mediterranean, or sweet. There are endless possibilities with this package.

Hood Rive Spice Blend– 4 oz jar. A Wonderfully Unique Blend of 12 very fresh and lively spices that add a Mediterranean zest! Terrific on meats, Roasted veggies, Salads and dressings, Eggs, Pasta, Vinaigrettes, Meat rubs and spices, Focaccia breads, Marinated cheeses and more. Infuse your Cooking oil with Hood River Spice blend, simply add to an amount you prefer and let infused at least 3 days before using. This is the easiest way to use while cooking vegetables.

Culinary Signature Blend- Approx. 1/2 oz, or 8 Tablespoons per package. This is our Signature Blend, absolutely the finest culinary lavender! This Culinary Lavender is smooth, slightly spicy, free of the sharpness found in many lavenders. Our favorite for tea infusions, desserts, lavender-lemonades, and scones. Harvested at its peak, dried, cleaned, and ziplocked in Air-tight Polyprop High Quality Food Grade bags for maximum freshness. A proprietary blend of many varieties of culinary lavender. It makes any recipe with lavender a “notch above”.

Sel Gris- Gourmet Grey Salt with Lavender- 6.5 oz. packaged in standup air-fresh Food Grade Ziplock for freshness and ease of use. A pinch of these unique rare salts, that we import from the salt basin of Guerande Brittany, France, brings out the best in almost every food, even sweets! THE finishing salt to use for complimenting a dish. Makes an AWESOME margarita salt. Excellent on salads, roasted meat & veggies, & on top of fine chocolates and caramels!

Lavender Mint Tea Blend- The most popular Tea at our Shoppe! Perfect after meal or evening Tea. Soothes, Strengthens the system and soul. Caffeine-free. Very rounded and full flavor, smooth not strong. Yummy blend of 2 different Mints, Lemon Verbena, Lemon Balm and our Organic Lavender combination.

Mesh tea ball- (1.75″ d) Enjoy the perfect cup of tea with this stainless steel mesh tea ball – an easy way to brew an individual cup of tea from loose tea leaves. Features a chain with hook and a strong-locking clasp – perfect for tea leaves. You can use the hook to hang it onto the edge of your cup.



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