Little Loves Lavender Giftpack

Little Loves Lavender Giftpack


A support gift for all ages- but made by us for comforting children in all moments


This cute little pack is great for any occasion. Our Snuggle bears have been used all over for aid with children in car wrecks, hospitals, schools & homecare. Don’t under estimate the power a lavender hug can bring. Also including our Lavender Spritzer, Lavender Dust & a matching lavender heart sachet as a keepsake for the owner.



  • Each Snuggle Bear has a heart sachet sewn inside-and a matching heart sachet for the recipient (lucky boy or gal). Squeeze your lavender bears core to release the aroma. Known to last a lifetime.
  • Lavender Dust and Dry Shampoo. A great body powder with ground lavender buds. You will be overwhelmed with the aroma and sparkle. Use any where on your body to absorb moisture or add sparkle.
  • Lavender Spritzer- used best before bed time or nap time. Lavender has natural calming effects. Use on linens and body for full experience. Spritz and let your worries fade away.
  • Lavender purple hear sachet stuffed full of our aromatic lavender. Lovely wherever you place it. Use in drawers, bed decorations, insert in pillow case and anywhere you want the aroma of fresh lavender.


When you buy this giftset you save 30% off regular pricing. Please note that Snuggle bears come in different shades and colors of brown. List in notes if for a boy/girl when you are at checkout. Thank you!


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