Pure Lavender Oil Gift Set

Pure Lavender Oil Gift Set

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3 unique varieties of True Lavender oils from 3 corners of the world!


This very unique and beautiful 3 pack of Fine Lavender angustifolia oils is truly a “flight” around the globe!

  • Some of the finest examples of the world’s lavender varieties, including “Angustifolia Blend” from Oregon, “Maillette” from France,  and “Royal Purple” from the U.K.
  • Each unique, intriquing and extremely therapeutic
  • All grown and distilled here at Hood River Lavender Farms under identical conditions, the varietal differences of these oils really stand out.
  • This is a great start-up pack for beginning Aromatherapy at home, and a very special assortment of some of the world’s best Fine Lavender oils
  • Packaged in a mesh fabric bag
  • Quantity of 3, 5ml. bottles

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