Sel Gris-Gourmet Grey Salt with Lavender


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This salt is “moist” & unrefined, and extremely high in minerals & nutrients due to the area it is from and method that it is harvested. “Paludiers” are the tradesman that hand harvested this great salt, using the celtic method of harvesting that has been done for centuries. It is grey from the nutrient rich clay in the salt flats where it is collected. Clean, fresh, with less bitter aftertaste than other salts, it is exceptional on fine chocolates, caramels, salads, roasted meat & veggies, and fish & seafood.

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A pinch of these unique rare salts, that we import from the salt basin of Guerande Brittany, France, brings out the best in almost every food, even sweets!

  • Hand-harvested from the sea, these Premier salts have the power to awaken the palate, excite & unite flavors in dishes to the highest degree.
  • This course grey salt is “moist” and unrefined, extremely high in minerals & nutrients
  • Considered by many to be the highest quality salt available.
  • Clean, fresh, with less bitter aftertaste than other salts, infused with our organic old English Lavender (angustifolia)
  • THE finishing salt to use for complimenting a dish.
  • Makes an AWESOME margarita salt
  • Excellent on salads, roasted meat & veggies, & on top of fine chocolates and caramels
  • Taste the Difference!
  •  6.5 oz. packaged in standup air-fresh Food Grade Ziplock for freshness and ease of use.

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