Today I delivered a wholesale order to the organic department, Huckleberry’s Natural Foods, in Rosauer’s. We appreciate the years we’ve had the opportunity to have many of our lavender products available at this popular grocery store in our hometown. It has made our organic lavender products available, and convenient to many folks. We “Thank you” Huckleberrys, and look forward to another year of partnership & friendship!

With the New Year right around the corner, I’m looking forward to this coming year with much anticipation and wonder. This is our 9th year since we started our lavender business, and 8th year we’ve been open at our U-Pick lavender farm. Reflecting on the extreme changes we’ve progressed through in developing our U-pick farm, it gives me much joy to ponder on the  growth  from year to year. It has been amazing , exciting, and I admit, exhausting at times, however that’s what brings Joe and I the fullest joy, and the rewards of our labor! Because we’ve experienced the stretching pains of growth, and we’ve worked, day by day, cultivating the plan, expanding our creativity, and creating a thriving business… when there was nothing, just a dream! That alone brings a Smile of achievement, but most of all we want to remember, with appreciation, our amazing seasonal employees,  and customers that helped make it all possible!

So when I reflect on the past years, I smile, and inhale deeply, knowing that as we move forward in the coming year all our effort, and creative insight will be just enough for each day, and this lovely calming, healing lavender aroma will touch others.  And we will be touched in the process by each of  you!!

Thank you for celebrating life and lavender with us! 

contemplating and planning 2005

Happy New Year to you and your families. May it be a prosperous year, filled with good health and happiness! Let’s bring in 2012 with all the Gusto we have 🙂