• With over 30 years experience as an Esthetician, and working with severe dermatitis conditions, I created this very healing cream for those of us with senstive, dry and damaged skin. Extremely moisturizing, all natural and soothing to the skin, our Lavender Mega Therapy Cream has brought healing to hundreds of our customers over the last 12 years. Your skin and face will notice the difference and you will love how fresh & radiant it feels with this night cream!

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  • Pure and simple indulgence! A light yet luxurious lotion, kissed with our own essential oil of lavender
  • This long-lasting and refreshing fine french-style soap is a real treat!
  • Spritz with Joy! So soothing, so many uses!
  • Our Best Selling Item!
  • Rich, No Sulfate Body Wash with the extravagant natural aroma of fresh Lavender!
  • Our Organic Lavender Hydrosol has so many uses! Excellent for your skin, face, in the bath and for a number of skin conditions. A True "Linen Water"!
  • The finest blend of organic culinary lavender!
  • Cleans, deodorizes, and softens hands naturally with this VEGAN fragrant Hand Soap!
  • Refill your empty jar and enjoy the Fresh, Clean aroma of a Lavender field in Summer! Very calming, uplifting and cheerful!!

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  • Very peaceful, relaxing and 'Feel Good' Tea
  • Wonderfully aromatic, fresh and Organic, this slightly camphor Lavandin Lavender has the aromatic breath of Summer in a lavender field. 1/2 OZ.
  • When you buy the set you save 30%! Great gift for anyone that loves and appreciates natural aesthetics!

  • The Ultimate in a therapeutic Neck Wrap!
  • We infused raw sugar cane 2 weeks with the perfect blend of English and Provence lavender to create this golden flavor. Use infused sugar as a replacement for plain sugar. Great in drinks, as decoration or in your families favorite baked recipe. Complementary flavors include- lemon, caramel, mint, dark chocolate, vanilla, blueberry.....Recipes listed on the site. Feel free to tag your creations on our social medias. Instagram*Facebook *Pinterest
  • When you buy the set you save 30%! Great gift for anyone that loves and appreciates natural aesthetics!
  • If you like our Handmade Soap... then you are going to LOVE our Lavender Facial Bar!
  • Strong, SAFE, with Hundreds of Uses in your home, work, school, auto, shop, etc. ALL NATURAL and VERY EFFECTIVE!
  • Encourages deep relaxation, relieving tired puffy eyes, headaches, sinuses and fatigue from stress. Ideal as an inspiration for Yoga, and to "awaken" our other senses. Great for travel and as a sleep-aid.
  • Natural, Talc-free, Silky and simply Beautiful!
  • Savory, fruity, sweet and very delicious!
  • A great bedtime tea, or when reflection and relaxation is the goal. All natural, caffeine free, and organic!
  • Easy, effortless method of getting the calming aromatic aroma of organic lavender in your bedding and clothes. 
  • 3 unique varieties of True Lavender oils 

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