It was a calm, peaceful day and many folks came out to visit and enjoy the beautiful fruit trees in bloom. Lavender plants were purchased for landscaping their homes and businesses. People enjoyed strolling around our garden, laying down in the lawn :), greeting our Lab Sadie, and blowing bubbles.  I enjoyed watching a father and his 2 year old daughter blow bubbles and laugh together for about an hour! Lovely & sweet!

An artist from Sisters also visited our lavender farm, sitting under our Arbor, enjoying the calm garden, she captured the beauty of nature on her canvas.

A lot of people relaxed on the patio, sipping on Lavender Mint Tea,  slowing down a few minutes to bask in the calming serene Sunday, while birds sang sweetly, with hummingbirds dancing around their feeder. True quality time happened, and special memories were made!! This is what Life is all about! Thankful!! I do love my job!