This day touched my life….A couple days ago, I stopped what I was doing to help a friend get a new washer installed after her old one dumped water all over her kitchen floor. I heard a beautiful, yet simple moto from her. Actually it was a post-it note on her fridge (I love post-it notes). This note was with about fifteen others, but it stood out from the rest; “Enjoy what you’re doing.” I told her, ” I love that saying!”  She said, “her father, a nice Danish immigrant, told her that years ago”, and she said “it’s the best words I’ve ever had”. 

Here’s another wise saying thats been passed down in my husband’s generations, “it doesn’t cost anything more to work happily.”

There is a lot to be said about our attitude, and how we approach life, work, and relationships.  When you have a positive, happy attitude, whatever you’re doing, it will rub off onto those around you.  Whatever, I’m doing each day, weather it is weeding, cutting flower bouquets, doing household chores, care-giving, or visiting dear widows, I will be in the moment, take heart and “enjoy what I’m doing” and work “happily!”  Reach out and let your joy touch others.