Lets talk about what to do when it rains, and in Oregon, it rains a lot!! I love to go for a walk in the rain, and hear the sound of the raindrops hitting the pavement.  Sometimes, I even work in the rain…. but today, after I took a walk, I came back inside to complete a few sewing projects. I cut-out, and then sewed up fifteen Quilted Pillows, and ten Neck Wraps. Then I filled them with our Organic Lavender, Organic Flax seed, and a little Rice. These soothing, relaxing, and healing aromatherapy products are sold on our website, and in our retail cottage at our Upick Lavender Farm.  We will be opening in one month, so I’m busy stocking up inventory to fill our Lavender Retail Cottage. I’m excited about our 5th year at our Upick Lavender Farm. Its been fun to watch our plants and farm grow, and of course having folks from all over the globe visit our small piece of heaven. 🙂