I’ve been working steady tending our lavender farm and wild flowers, getting the yard prepped for new growth, and our opening date April 14th.  Today was a perfect day to be outside, truly gorgeous with temperatures around 54 degrees! Spring has officially arrived, and it really feels like Spring! I scattered 1000’s of Iceland Poppy & Rose Scented Bee Balm Monarda seeds in the Wildflower Section. I love these flowers!

I need to spend a few hours packing web-orders inside and I need lavenders aroma to surround me, with my “Fragrance of Sunlight” as I work!  It’s a good thing that I live and work in Lavender Heaven, because inside or outside, I can still have that Fragrance of Sunlight  🙂  A bottle of lavender essential oil is always at arms reach..I know I’m “spoiled”!!  🙂 I like to apply 5 drops of  Angustifolia Essential Oil and 5 drops Clary Sage Essential oil to a tissue, and relax while I inhale these lovely, calming, and balancing aromas. It clears my sinus, balances my mood, and refreshes my spirits! Awww..

Since we have a few days before I’ll be working outside again in the lavender farm, I’ll work inside on web orders. I sent this re-order with 10 Reed Diffusers and Lavender Refreshing Spritzer out to a very high profile celebrity today! Love my job! Love lavender’s calming lovely aroma!


These  lavender items will fill the domain of the recipient with that intriguingly uplifting, and calming , fresh lavender garden aroma! I like to call it my Fragrance of Sunlight!  It gives me that uplifting, energizing boost that helps me through any situation, with calming peace. Our  Reed Diffusers are filled with a special combination of our own Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oils.

I also shipped an order with 2 Reed Diffusers and 2 pounds of Bulk dried lavender buds to a gentleman, for his home!!  He mentioned that he planned to fill decorative containers with the lavender buds. I suggested that he could  purchase sachets to fill with lavender buds, or if he felt creative,  make sachets with vintage hankies or pieces of wool cloth, and tied with hemp or jute twine. 🙂

Here’s hoping that the lovely, calming aroma from his lavender will fill his domain with  the Fragrance of Sunlight too !

Calming Vintage Sachets

Sachets made with Vintage Hankies and Lavender wool cloth, filled with our Certified Organic dried Lavandin Grosso. DIY cute sachets for yourself or gifts for a friend.