I finally finished pruning, and clearing away dry flower tops and grasses out of the wildflower section. Whew!! Then I cut apart over-grown Shasta Daisy’s, and Bee Balm, and move them around to more sparse areas in the garden.  After that I scattered 1000’s of flower seeds that I saved from last season.  A few of my favorites are: Hollyhock, Clary Sage, Icelandic Poppies, Oriental Poppies, Nigella “Love in a Mist”, Bee Balm,  Echinacea, and Colombine. I gently raked over the seeds to help cover them with a bit of soil, in hopes that they will germinate in a few weeks. I heard the weather man forecast rain later today, I hope so! 🙂 Now I’m ready to sit back, with my feet up, and patiently wait for the slowly unfolding beauty in my garden…. 🙂 That is a pretty great reward!! Drop by in the next few months to enjoy it with us. Our Opening weekend is April 17th for Blossom Festival Celebration in the Hood River Valley.  http://bit.ly/amZJhl