Another 4″ of snow fell last night, it’s beautiful …but I’m done with winter already!  I won’t be able to work in the garden today,  so I find a little anxiety creeping over me…I need a boost for my spirits, to refresh, relieve anxiety and energize me 🙂

One of my favorite invigorating methods, that fills my whole work area with the “calming fragrance of Sunlight”, is to add 4-5 cups fresh mountain water to a medium pan on the stove with medium heat, until it begins to simmer, then turn down to a slow simmer.  Then add to this simmering pot 10-15 drops Grosso oil, and 10-15 drops Hidcote Giant Lavender essential oils. I also like to add a handful of dried lavender buds, if there are handy. Then I like to put a towel over my head to make a ‘tent’ and inhale through olfaction deeply 10-12 times. This helps open my sinuses, along with boosting my mood, and moisturize my dry winter skin 🙂  

If you’re not able to warm a simmering pot, a similar “invigorating method” would be to put a few drops of these lavender essentials oils, or Angustifolia “English” lavender essential oil onto your pulse points, or on a tissue, and inhale this calming aroma 10-12 times.

Here’s a great article telling more of the benefits, and effects of lavender aromatherapy on depressed mood and anxiety through the olfactory route: Lavender Oil for anxiety and depression

Here are our first blooms of the year: Snowdrops