Weeks ago I was whining about not having any snow yet, well you know how the saying goes, be careful what you wish for! Last week we got 20″ of snow, which was reallllly beautiful. I was able to finally get my x-country skis out, and trek around our lavender farm. What fun!!

Hood River Lavender in Winter

However, that evening we got more snow,  and ice “freezing rain”, on top of it. Whew! We had many tree limbs break, luckily nothing fell on our house, but we lost our electricity for a few hours in the afternoon….just as I was attempting to sew up lavender Neckwraps. Darn.. didn’t work fast enough! Making the best of the situation, I grabbed my sewing needles and attempted to hand-stitch the opening, adding our HRL  label on, and finishing one Neckwrap. I hadn’t forgot how to hand-stitch 🙂 I still remember my dear Grandmother Mable saying , “hand-stitching is the foundation of all sewing, it starts there”. Thank you Grandmother! I only hand-stitched one neck wrap and gave it up until our electricity came back on.  We were lucky our power returned within a few hours, so I finished machine stitching our Neckwraps.

I needed something warming, so I made a cup of  hot Lavender Chai Mate Tea. Then I began sewing on a few lavender Eye Pillows. As I sipped on my tea, I  had lots of hopeful thoughts, that our electricity stays on for us, as well as our friends and family in our Hood River Valley and surrounding towns. And I hope I’ll find a few more opportunities to x-country ski before our snow melts  Enjoying winter. Keep warm 🙂