Don't forget to get your Lavender Ice Cream!

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Give your love an array of our Hood River Lavender Farm products. These products are designed to pamper and celebrate all love, unique, and precious.

This set includes:
1) A Corduroy Heart Cosmetic Bag to carry all the love with you wherever you go.
2) Lavender Silk Lotion, a pure and simple indulgence. A light yet luxurious lotion kissed with our own essential oil of lavender.
3) Our Lavender Bubble Bath is a true indulgence for the senses. Relax as you immerse your body in luxurious bubbles while being surrounded by fragrant, lavender indulgence.
4) Lavender Body Wash w/Aloe Vera, a luscious shower gel, with the extravagant natural aroma of fresh lavender.
5) Lavender Hand Sanitizer will leave your hands sanitized and smelling fresh.
6) Lavender Lip Balm, a soothing lip protection made with all-natural ingredients! Perfect for chapped lips to be left smooth and smelling like lavender.
7) Our Heart-shaped Sachets, strategically placed will extend lavender aroma to your clothes, car or anywhere you want to add a touch of love.