Don't forget to get your Lavender Ice Cream!

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The Ultimate Therapeutic Neck Wrap


The combination of heat, a little weight, and organic lavender relaxes tense muscles and provides deep relaxing therapeutic comfort

    • Covers a large area of the front & back shoulders, as well as the neck
    • Microwave in short intervals until it reaches desired temperature and this large neck wrap offers the benefit of moist heat to relieve all of the discomfort & stress of tired, and aching muscles
    • Great for neck injuries and tension
    • It also gives natural therapy from the relaxing aroma of Lavender
    • Great for sinus headaches and aches & pains associated with colds, flu, or muscular illnesses
    • Can also be stored in a ziplock in the freezer for a soothing cold compress
    • Filled with lavender, flaxseed, and rice. DO NOT WASH.

Each neck wrap is sown unique and the colors and patterns change throughout the season. If you see a color or pattern you like please include your preference in the "notes" section of your order and we will do our best to get it for you.